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WindDesk - Monitor

Manage on-site measurement data for maximum integrity

Manage on-site measurement data for maximum data recovery

We monitor the status and quality of measurement data from your projects daily. You will be able to receive alert notification on issues and take corrective actions promptly to maximize data recovery. Regular electronic reporting, and on-demand data download request available 24/7 through a web-based dashboard.

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Free Version Available

A free version of WindDesk Monitor is available to anyone who would like to sign up. The free version is exactly the same as the paid version except it is self serve and provides no business support. Please click the link below for more details.

Free WindDesk Monitor

Monitor the status and quality of measurement data

Data from on-site dataloggers and devices can be transmitted to WindDesk through multiple setup options, and the data are stored and backed up into secured databases.

Traverse couples AI and human-in-the-loop intervention to monitor the status of the measurement sensors, and identify suspected issues based on the data. Detailed and smart quality-control processing of measurement data across various sensors and measurement sites is performed daily, ensuring that the data is always up-to-date and ready to use for further analysis.

Receive alert notification and recommended actions

Alerts on suspected issues and details recommended action are delivered by SMS, email, and through our web-based dashboard. Alert priority settings and notification frequency are customizable based on your preference. Our engineers will work closely with you to provide technical advice resolve equipment malfunction and troubleshoot data quality issues to ensure maximum data recovery of all measurement sites.

Access 24/7 web-based dashboard for reporting and data download request

Through our web-based dashboard, you will be able to view all projects and their corresponding measurement sites’ summary in one glance. The interactive dashboard allows you to perform data visualization, generate regular reports and request data download from anywhere in the world.