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Optimized measurement campaign scenarios and strategies

Optimized Measurement Campaign Scenarios and Strategies

We help you generate measurement campaign strategies – from placement of met masts to selection of instruments and to timetables and operational SOPs. Our methodology is to minimize the uncertainty of final energy production vs. measurement campaign costs. During an ongoing measurement campaign, we perform additional analysis to improve the current campaign.

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Generate measurement campaigns effortlessly

We provide you optimized measurement campaign plans and strategies to minimize uncertainty and costs. This includes the optimized placement of meteorological masts and remote sensing devices, measurement timetables, instrument specifications, costing sheets, operations and maintenance SOPs.

Find additional measurement sites at an on ongoing measurement campaign

Our key metric for optimizing measurement campaigns is to minimize the uncertainty in final energy production vs. measurement campaign costs. We perform millions of permutations of measurement strategies, analyzing each uncertainty estimation and perform a cost-benefit analysis.

After the measurement campaign has begun, we provide additional analysis to:

Suggest new meteorological masts locations.
Relocate remote sensing devices to new strategic positions.
Update estimated energy production uncertainty based on measured data.