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💨🗼️FREE Online Measurement Site Monitoring Service

We have been offering measurement site monitoring services called WindDesk Monitor to all our customers as part of our end-to-end wind development services. After performing this for hundreds of sites and sensors, today we are offering a free version of WindDesk Monitor to the public with no strings attached.

WindDesk Monitor performs two key things:

  • Persistence: It logs and keeps your sites' and sensors’ data safe which you can then view on a web browser.
  • Alerts: It sends you alerts via email and SMS if there are faults with your measurement campaign on an (up to) hourly basis.

A strong monitoring system helps with:

  • Reducing risk of site and sensor faults
  • Increasing data coverage and quality
  • Actively improving the measurement campaign strategy


Monitor all your projects, sites and sensors from a single dashboard

Access all your projects, sites and sensors from any web browser, anywhere in the world.

System of record of all your site and sensor details in one place

A system of record for your measurement sites with all configurations, data, photos, videos, documentations and records all on a single platform.

Review and resolve alerts thrown by our monitoring system

The alerts are sent to your email or SMS as soon as our algorithms detect issues to reduce data loss. Capabilities include:

  • Reflecting issues from data integrity and quality control checks
  • Providing periodic alerts if the issue remains unresolved
  • Snoozing or resolving alerts, with an audit trail of the resolution steps taken

Review Analytics of Raw and Cleaned Data (Quality Control)

Our algorithms detect, exclude or correct sensors in disagreement with other sensors, against past behavior or are misbehaving in a manner far from expectations.

Analyze Data Right in Your Browser

Create dynamic plots from your data, such as time series, correlation, ratio plots etc.

Schedule or Generate Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

They arrive in your email as a PDF or CSV. All previously generated reports also stay within the system for easy retrieval in the future.

Export and Download All Of Your Data

Download all your raw and cleaned data together with all your installation, commissioning and calibration documents.

What’s The Catch? Is There a Paid Version?

The free version is provided with no guarantees of client service or support but is run through the exact same system and quality control workflows as the paid version. We offer the free version because we would like you to engage us as an engineer for wind development services.

There is a paid version which provides other features such as:

  • support such as our engineers manually reviewing your data monthly
  • service level guarantees such as uptime and minimum service periods
  • compliance guarantees such as GDPR matters
  • customized logger interfaces or the addition of extra workflow steps
  • multiple users and teams with different permission levels
  • on-premise, isolated, VPN enabled deployment of servers
  • special data formats for import or export

Data Security and Privacy

We will keep any data recorded with confidentiality and will not use it for any other purposes other than the owner’s interest. Our data security mechanisms follows industry best practices.


Currently onboarding is manual but we are working to make it automated. Send us an email to or to get started.

Request for Additional Assessments With Your Data (Not Free!)

Data collection is only the start of the entire project development workflow. As you collect more data, you can request Traverse to perform a variety of analysis on an ad-hoc or periodic basis for:

  • Measurement campaign review and recommendations
  • Detailed wind resource and energy assessment
  • Project IRR/LCOE analysis including generation of CAPEX BOQ

The turnaround time for such analysis is fast as the data is already integrated in the WindDesk system.

About Traverse

Traverse provides wind analysis, energy yield assessments, wind engineering and owner's engineer services. We have done over 10GW projects in various stages for IPPs, utilities and developers alike. Check out our website or drop me a line at .

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