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🚀🚀 WindDesk Discover is Now Available Globally!

WindDesk Discover is a free online tool you can use straight from your browser to prospect for wind farms. We are super excited to tell you that it is now available globally!

We launched Discover a couple of months back which you can read more about here. But it was only available for South East Asia. Then we added offshore maps (link here) recently which were mostly global in nature.

The plan was to gradually add regions over time. But our incredible team found ways to make it global immediately for all the datasets and the layout generator. A summary of updates:

  • [Now global] Windspeed maps at 100m and 150m hubheight.
  • [Now global] Protected areas.
  • [Now global] Electrical Substation proximity contours.
  • [Now global] Population density contours.
  • [New!] Electrical substation names and specifications (where available).
  • [New!] Land use map.
  • [New!] Elevation slope mask with min and max boxes you can set dynamically.
  • [New!] Layout generator now reports gross capacity factor.

Below are some screenshots of the updated datasets.

Where is it?

Free to use here:

Global wind map at 100m and 150m hub heights

Wind speed at 150m hub height near the Suez Canal

Global electrical substation proximity contours

Proximity contours of substations in China, Japan and Korea

New map! Global electrical substation location, name, operator and voltage specifications

Electrical substation name, operator and voltage specifications (this dataset is somewhat poor with many names missing)

Global protected areas

Protected areas in the eastern coast of Australia

New map! Global land use

Land use map of South America

New feature! Global elevation slope masks (soft metric for construction risks)

The new "Set Slope Mask" box allows you to set a range of slopes you don't like and it will mask it out with a single red color on the map.

Slopes that exceed 36 degrees in the vicinity of Mount Everest

Layout generator, now global

You can now generate layouts anywhere in the world with a few clicks of a button. Full tutorial on how to do this here.

A random 450MW wind farm in California with a substation <1km away

Layout generator, now reports gross capacity factor

Now the layout generator reports gross capacity factor! Full tutorial on how to do this here.

‍About Traverse

Traverse provides IRR/LCOE based micro-siting, wind analysis, energy yield assessments, wind engineering and owner's engineer services. We have done over 10GW projects in various stages for IPPs, utilities and developers alike. Check out our website or drop me a line at

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