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End to end wind prospecting, monitoring and feasibility platform.
We are a Specialist Wind Energy Consultancy who
  • Deliver bankable-grade Energy Production Assessments
  • At 10x the speed of other consultants and
  • Only charges 100% back-ended success fees at financial close.
  • End to End Wind Energy Platform
    Find a good site in a large area
    Setup and prepare a measurement campaign
    Monitor and ensure quality of measurement campaign
    Energy, Capex and IRR
    Dynamic Energy Assessments
    If you have an ongoing measurement campaign, we can send you every week:
    • a complete Wind Resource Assessment,
    • a complete Energy Production Assessment.
    We can quickly perform multiple design iterations and optimization for:
    • layout (energy / IRR)
    • turbine selection
    • hub-heights
    We can quickly perform multiple design iterations and optimization for:
    • layout (energy / IRR)
    • turbine selection
    • hub-heights
    Status Quo - Technically Uncertain 90% of the Time
    Your Project is Dynamic
    Your project development is continuous, but you only know its technical & commercial specifications every 6 months.
    Land Acquisition
    Windspeed affects your project layout which affects land acquisition. Acquiring land is a continuous process and laden with risk.
    Grid Connection
    Energy affects your transmission / substation flexibility. Negotiations with off-takers are a long and painful process.
    Project Finance
    Project sizing ultimately affects capital deployment, lender and investor interest, development fees and stakeholder support.
    Why Work With Us?
    • We charge 100% back-ended success fees: a fully aligned owner’s engineer.
    • High quality work, bankable-grade equivalent methodology.
    • High resolution planning for your project development activities.
    • Minimum lag in project design iterations in response to development events.
    • Develop more projects with less risk and costs.
    • Describe your project’s commerciality accurately to all stakeholders in near real time.
    Bankable Grade Methodology
    In line with state-of-the-art industry methodologies and standards.
    Level of detail is between Feasibility Study to FEED (Front End Engineering Design).
    Comparable to international consultants such as DNV GL, Pöyry, Mott MacDonald, UL etc.
    Detailed methodology and validation documentation available upon request.
    We built in-house software and solutions that automates 60-90% of our engineering processes.
    Our engineers review results and resolves remaining outstanding issues that are project-specific.
    By doing this, we provide our clients value by:
    • not needing to charge fees upfront,
    • not having traditional concepts like “variation orders”,
    • performing work with greater quality and consistency,
    • solving your problems at 5-10x higher speed,
    • providing you greater technical clarity tied to multiple commercial scenarios and outcomes so that you can make high resolution decisions.